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We think Anna & Gianluca’s wedding theme was “to share”.
Some couples like to be in the spotlight, but that was just not their case; we had the chance to meet a lot of special people and each one of them had an important role to play.

It’s thanks to their laughters, their words full of emotions, their deep hugs and soft caresses that we felt like we could really read and tell Anna & Gianluca’s story too.

Villa Partenope, a beautiful open spaced wedding venue overlooking Naples, was the best setting to let all the barriers fall and the huge green field perfectly fitted the breathtaking red-haired bride.

Thank you for letting us be part of it guys !

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My name is Viviane, I’m an Italian wedding photographer based in Naples (IT).

I am inspired by people, the uniqueness of each human being and the relationship between individuals. Empathy is everything to me.


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