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Enrica & Francesco’s wedding was full of light, despite all the rain, despite all the clouds.

The necessary preparations to put on a wedding require a lot of time and energy, from the biggest decisions to the smallest details, each piece fits together and helps make the most important day for each couple perfect. The weather, however, is an unknown quantity, to which one can only surrender and it is easy to understand why its total randomness is the greatest nightmare.

I could tell you about all the boxes that Enrica and I have marked laughing in disbelief, next to the list of things that could go wrong on their wedding day,  but instead I will tell you about how all this has not affected at all the realization of their love dream. From the getting ready to greetings, we could not help but laugh and get excited, because we were there together to celebrate something real.

When you have friends who would climb a mountain with their eyes closed for you, when the whole family is there and you can feel all their love, when the tattoos complete each other and you know you are at home by his/her side, here you have all you need to be happy. But I have to say that, the real challenge of the day, was not to escape in and out between a pause from the rain and the other to be able to take some couple picture … but rather to remain serious and concentrated without bending over with laughters at the stupid jokes told by Francesco!

We are so grateful we had the chance to take part in such an important chapter in the lives of these two beautiful people and our wish for you is to always keep being so genuine and to preserve the ability to make the other laugh in such a simple and wonderful way.  Thank you so much guys!


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