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Who said weddings must necessarily take place in summer?
Winter weddings, especially during Christmas season, have magnificent settings and could be a perfect fit for you!

Wedding Day: What if it rains? The solution is simple.

Cold and rain are every bride’s terror, but it’s not rare to find wet brides even during the hot months, so don’t assume that getting married in the summer is always a safe choice!
Unfortunately we do not have the power to change the climate or predict it in advance, the solution is very simple: getting organized.
Taking care of choosing a location that is able to grant you a perfect success even when facing the wind and rain, will ensure that you won’t even notice the hostile conditions!

Francesco & Simona: story of a perfect wedding … at Christmas!

I was completely enraptured by this couple that I had the pleasure to follow and with which I ended the 2018 season … and guess what? Yes, with a winter wedding, they got married at Christmas!
The magical atmosphere of Christmas has helped make their party extremely warm and pleasant, giving the guests and themselves a magical setting in which they could celebrate their love.

Are you a good fit for winter weddings?

If you love the winter climate and the atmosphere that Christmas can create, no doubt that winter weddings are for you, so don’t be afraid to go against the tide!

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