We are Italian wedding photographers based in the spectacular Naples, companions at work and, more importantly, in life.

We met in high school and have been together ever since.
Growing side by side meant a constant exchange for us, sharing passions, experiences and different paths. 

That’s how Viviane’s overwhelming dedication to photography has made its way into our lives up to touch us both: through constant personal and professional research we have understood the importance of wedding reportage in its most intimate side, realized we love every aspect of it, and then made it our only job.

We are inspired by people and the uniqueness of each human being and the relationship between individuals. We only use natural light and love to play with shadows. We adore telling about places, people, gestures, details and the relations that are naturally created between these elements.


If we're not working, we're surely watching some tv series, they're addictive for us. Thriller and crime are the best ones, but there's something we cannot ignore, a little thing called "Game Of Thrones."

Someone said Pizza? Our friends cannot take it anymore, even if you wouldn't expect anything else from a Neapolitan, we're seriously starting to think our hunger for pizza is not as ordinary.

We love dogs, I mean, we really do. Hachi is our blonde, we affectionately call her "Crocchè" because of her roundnesses, she has a very bad temper but we are still crazy about her! Lucky is the last arrival in our family, we saved him from the street and we could not be any happier with it! He's the sweetest dog ever and kisses are his speciality!

Talking about serious stuff, did you know that Viviane has recieved the "Nikon Talents 2017" award and won the "Not just a face" assignement by National Geographic? She's not just a wedding photographer, in fact she's also a published and awarded Fine Art, Beauty and Fashion Photographer!

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We are Viviane & Salvo, partners in life and at work as wedding photographers.

We are Viviane & Salvo, partners in life and at work as wedding photographers.


@ Spazio46Wedding

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