About me

I am Italian wedding photographer

based in the spectacular Naples (IT) and vibrant London (UK),

I am inspired by people

I adore telling about places, people, gestures, details and the relations that are naturally created between these elements.

Empathy is everything to me.

I only use natural light and love to play with shadows.

My work is always characterized by a descrete and respectful presence and by an artistic approach to wedding photography.

My aim is to obtain a stream of fine art images that will tell your story, emotions and moments. 

This approach is very different from traditional wedding photography, in fact i like to catch what happens around me without my external influence, as far as possible.

I prefer preserving spontaineity rather than building my images

It is your wedding day we are talking about,

and you have to freely live it to the fullest!




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    I am Viviane, wedding photographer


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